Awards  Grants

CALS Awards and Grants

We love to celebrate and acknowledge the outstanding scholarship and service of our members. 

Awards  Grants

Legacy Fund Initiatives

Supporting our future membership, in 2020, the CALS board invested in a legacy fund. The following awards and grants are funded through the CALS legacy fund to promote and support opportunities for connection and collaboration. The awards and grants are aligned with CALS sponsored events.

  • CALS Connections Grant (1 per year; Value per award: $1,500)

  • CALS Graduate/Post-Graduate Student Domestic Conference Award (4 per year; Value: $500 each)

  • CALS Graduate/Post-Graduate Student International Conference Award (1 per year; Value $750)

  • Marion Miller Award (1 per year; Value $750)

    Awards  Grants

    Celebrating our Research Scholarship

    Every year CALS celebrates the high quality scholarship of our members. The following awards are given to one recipient on an annual basis.

    • Marion Miller Award

    • Emerging Leisure Scholar Award

    • Leisure Scholar Award

    Awards  Grants

    Honouring CALS Volunteers

    As a volunteer organization, in 2022, CALS announced a new award to recognize the important service of its members to our organization. This award was named the “Bryan Smale Award for Outstanding Contributions to CALS” in honour of his long commitment and dedication to the organization.