Awards & Grants

Bryan Smale Award for OutstandingContributions to CALS


In recognition for his many years of service and dedication to CALS, the Bryan Smale Award for Outstanding Contributions to CALS recognises contributions to CALS that go beyond usual service expectations. Nominations may highlight contributions such as a nominee’s long and notable record of service, duties carried out in relation to CALS that exceed expectations, and high quality service.


  • Canadian citizen or working in Canada

  • Leisure researcher based at a university or college, research institute, think tank, or government agency

Nomination Process

  • Nominator must submit the following: (1) a completed nomination form with the name of the nominee, the nominator’s name and a seconder’s name; (2) two letters in support of the nomination (at least one letter must be from someone not on the CALS Board), with one from the nominator and one from the seconder (1,000 words each maximum); and (3) the curriculum vita of the nominee

  • Candidates can be nominated more than once. If not successful in one year, an individual may be re-nominated in a subsequent year. Nominations will not be carried over from one year to the next, so a new submission must be prepared each year

  • CALS Award Committee, with the addition of a CALS member who is not on the Board will assess nominations and make a recommendation to the Board. If the nominator or nominee is a Committee or Board member, he/she must recuse him/herself

  • Named in second week of May in each non-CCLR year, and at CCLR during a Congress year.

Presenting the Award

The Bryan Smale Award is available to be presented annually. A plaque will be given to the recipient and presented at CCLR.

Committee Structure

The CALS Awards Committee includes at least two members of the Board of Directors. When nominations are being considered for the Bryan Smale Award, another member of CALS who is not a member of the Board will be added to the Committee.


Submission deadline is March 31, 2024.

All applicants for the award must submit their paper electronically to Dawn Trussell at